Quick. What do baseball, the music business and real estate have in common? One good answer is all three are collaborative team sports whose success is based on a goal, a plan and the execution of an effective team. The best answer is Scott Knabe.

Scott played baseball at Malone University from 1999-2003. After college Scott evolved into the music business as an artist manager. Given the level of success, he enjoyed in artist management, real estate naturally pushed its way onto the radar screen. Above all else what he learned from that perspective was individual paydays are great but real estate is the key to true wealth. With that enlightenment, he began personally investing in real estate. It wasn’t long before his theory paid dividends. It also wasn’t long before that discovery broadened his perspective and he began a transition of his own career. If this was working for him, why couldn’t he make it work for others? It’s not simple but the logic and results were obvious. This decision speaks to his generosity of spirit.

As he explains, “The real estate tool made a huge difference in the long-term security in the life situations of my clients and my family. I realized I couldn’t do every real estate deal that made sense to me, but I could help others realize the same benefit.” His initial foray into real estate through Parks Realty exploded, providing fuel to explore the best business build-out available. As Scott explains, “The common element in artist management and real estate is you are counseling people through some of the most consequential decisions they will ever make. There’s a lot of responsibility on my part. I make certain I listen to their dreams and goals; that I research the right solutions and diligently construct all of the support systems they need to make the best choices to build out their dream.”Scott has positioned himself to take great advantage of the robust and dynamic real estate market by aligning his mission with Compass RE. The decades of experience and digital marketing pioneerism combined with the continuity of the community Scott built at Parks was irresistible. “Parks was and still is a great company. I found a home in the people who inspired, counseled and guided me to realize how I could be of great benefit to people I care about. These same people and new platform picks up where we left off at Parks and super-serves my team mission with Compass. I could not be more excited about what the future holds for our client.

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